Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I won't eat at Applebee's

   No, I'm not boycotting them because they fired someone, it's the company's right to hire and fire as they see fit. I won't be eating there again because of a poor night out a few weeks ago.

   I took my mother to the local Applebee's in Toledo for her birthday on Jan. 4. Mom had never been to an Applebee's before, and I hadn't been in there in a while myself. The place was relatively busy, but not too overcrowded. We were seated within 5 minutes of getting there.

   They took forever to take our order though, and more than 45 minutes after we ordered to deliver our food. Both of us had ordered a rare steak. I mean come on how long does it take to "not" cook a steak?

   All the while, the waitress didn't come back to our table, neither of us was offered a drink refill. When we finally did get our food, it took another five minutes before we could start eating, as they hadn't given us any silverware. Apparently they were out.

   The steak was ok, but we had both told the waitress that we didn't want the mixed vegetables, yes this is getting a bit nitpicky, but they were provided anyway, complete with the juice that puddled on the plate, and sloshed onto the steak, making a few bites taste like broccoli. Normally not something I'd complain about but with all of the other things, it bears mentioning.

   On the "bright" side they did provide a free milkshake for mom with it being her birthday. The problem with that being that she told them she didn't want it, and is diabetic.

Overall we spent about $40 on a meal that turned out to be average at best, and an experience that was terrible. That's why I'll not return to any Applebee's Restaurant, not because they fired a waitress for violating a company policy, no matter how stupid that policy is.

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