Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Former #Maxim #HometownHottie named Ms. Michigan

It was a small intimate ceremony, not a grand stage, when the 2015 Ms. Michigan title was officially bestowed upon Lincoln Park resident Rachael Adams.
The Dec. 28 ceremony was held at Cariera's Cucina Italiana, 6565 North Telegraph Rd. in Dearborn Heights, with only family and close friends invited.
SLIDESHOW: Photos from Ms. Michigan crowning ceremony.
She will now go on to compete in the Ms. America contest, representing Michigan. The pageant is open to women 26 years of age and up who are single, divorced or married.
Unlike what would be expected, there was no pageantry, only a speech that lasted about a minute from Adams, before her son and daughter placed the sash and crown on her.
“Most people have a dignitary like the mayor crown them,” Adams said. “I couldn’t think of anything better than having my kids do it.”
The selection process included an application and phone interview since there is no official Ms. Michigan contest.
“Rachael Adams really left a positive impression on our judges and we are thrilled to have her representing Michigan at the 2015 Ms. America Pageant finals this August in Brea, California,” said Susan Jeske, Pageant CEO.

The national pageant will consist of four rounds, Interview, Sportswear, Evening Gown and On-Stage Interview, which will have each contestant scored with an eventual winner being crowned.
“I’m excited to be awarded the title of Ms. Michigan,” Adams said, “not only will I be able to inspire others to join me in creating a difference in our community, but it gives me the opportunity to be a role model for young girls and to promote inner beauty which is what is most important!”
Adams, who grew up in Dearborn Heights, is a University of Michigan-Dearborn graduate and the current ambassador for the Ride for Autism.
In addition to earning her marketing degree from UM-D, she also played on the varsity basketball team and was in the Emerging Leaders Program at the school.
When not volunteering, Adams is a model, actress and entrepreneur, who opened her own commercial painting company upon graduating high school.
She promotes “Creating a Difference” and is involved in many charities.  However, what is most important to Adams, is family.  The mother of four, makes time to be a Cub Scout and Girl Scout leader, a basketball coach and cheerleading coach.
The pageant will award over $40,000 in gifts and prizes during the national finals. The pageant will take place in Aug. at the Curtis Theater in Brea, California.
For further information about the pageant visit the website

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lincoln Park man co-produces Detroit’s NYE Midnight Spectacular, airing on Compuware Building

It was just two years ago when aspiring filmmaker Jake Webb graduated from Lincoln Park High School.

Now, as a professional videographer, he’s working with local celebrities for his biggest role yet: co-producer of “The Midnight Spectacular” for Hard Rock Cafe’s New Year’s Eve Rockin in the D. The video will air on the side of the Compuware Building at the downtown celebration.

“We organized all of the interviews with local celebrities; They are busy people so I’m thankful they gave us their time,” Webb, who works with co-producer Abby Cook, said. “We film it all, get the video and audio, and created a 5-minute video montage of them telling their favorite memories of from 2014.”

Webb and Cook are both graduates from the Spec’s Howard digital media arts program and video production specialists for the Spec’s Howard marketing team.

Aimee Spencer, public relations manager for the event, said The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit hosts the big NYE event each year, but wanted to make this countdown to the new year even more memorable.

“This year they recruited two of Detroit’s most emerging digital artists to create a Midnight Spectacular 3-D animation system,” Spencer said, explaining that the gala guests will see the production unfold on two stories of the Compuware Building facing Woodward Avenue. “How cool is it this that just two years later (Webb) is working with all these high-profile celebrities to create something that will be so impactful on Detroit this New Year’s Eve.”

The list of local celebrities includes Dave Dombrowski, general manager of the Detroit Tigers; Mitch Albom, best-selling author, columnist, radio and television broadcaster; Joique Bell, Detroit Lions star running back; Phredley Brown, music Director and lead guitarist for Bruno Mars and the Hooligans; as well as Les, Seth and Ashley Gold, stars of TruTV’s hit reality show Hard Core Pawn.

Les Gold said his family was honored to be a part of the project with Webb and the rest of the team.

“Our family's story is a Detroit story. Any time that we can share it with others, we're happy to do so,” he said.

Webb said heard stories of special game day victories, Detroit emerging from Bankruptcy, and other defining moments from the past 12 months. He said meeting Bruno Mars’ guitarist and hearing Bell’s story of signing his contract were among his favorite parts of the project.

He hopes for more work like this -- not just for the experience behind the camera, but for the chance to be up-close-and-personal with interesting people.

“Doing projects like this, you learn that these well-known people are just like us,” he said. “Their memories are very relatable and everyone is so down to earth. I hope to keep doing great projects like this and meeting new people.”

Tim Peterson, digital media arts instructor at Spec’s Howard, said Webb has always stood out for his motivation and creativity.

“He’s definitely passionate about what he does,” Peterson said. “But more than that, he’s able to execute his ideas and that sets him apart from his classmates.”

The video montage will begin at 10 p.m. Dec. 31. Tickets for the gala portion of the event (for ages 21 and up) start at $85 and can be found at The Hard Rock Cafe Detroit is located at 45 Monroe St., Detroit.

Republished with permission from Digital First Media.

Avengers NOW relaunches 'Earth's MIghtiest Heroes'

Check out this video released by Marvel this morning to promote the new Avengers and Avengers related books.
 The Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but these Avengers are something new! Witness the Avengers like you’ve never seen them before as the industry’s top creators and brightest rising starts deliver can’t miss new ongoing series like Thor, All-New Captain America, Superior Iron Man and more.

Friday, December 26, 2014

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, Detroit Fanfare is no more

The annual Detroit Fanfare comic convention is no more.
The show which was held in Dearborn for the last several years had been slated to move to Sterling Heights after the Adoba Hotel changed hands earlier this year.
The hotel in Sterling Heights also recently changed hands, causing turmoil for show organizers.
The organizers include Wonderwold Comics co-owner Dennis Barger, local artist Tony Miello and comic creator Gary Reed.
Barger announced the cancellation on his own, and the Fanfare official Facebook page Dec. 26.
"Detroit Fanfare has prided itself on being a convention for artists and fans of comic books over celebrities,” he wrote, “but in evaluating support and attendance, a large convention cannot remain centered on comics as the primary focus.
"Due to the enormous work and costs involved be the principles to put on the convention and the obvious fan preference for the larger, pop culture shows, it was determined that the role of a convention such as Fanfare had a diminished appeal especially in light of all the recent additions to the convention circuit."
Barger and his partners had been planning to bring comic book writing legend Denny O’Neil to the 2015 show as the keynote celebrity. Unfortunately his draw as the top star didn’t seem to be enough to drive ticket sales.
The promoters were unwilling to to move the convention away from the focus on comics.
“We keep prices down, and we focus on comics,” Barger said in Nov. “Even when we’ve brought media guests in, we make sure they are one degree of separation from a comic book.”
It was that mantra that keep the show pure to many fans, but unfortunately stopped others from flocking to the show.
"Although the show had some problems, as they all do, overall the response to Fanfare was extremely positive and I have to say it was probably the most enjoyable show to go to as a creator and/or fan,” Reed wrote in his personal blog.
It was structured primarily around comics and artists as even the celebrities were tied into comics in some way...So, why is it ending? Well, it started off as something that might be able to continue even with lowered expectations but frankly, it just became too much work."

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WWE wrestling excursion more fun than expected

I’ve long been a fan of wrestling. No not the type that you see on national, or even international television, but the kind that is real, competitive and not full of writers, actors and scripts.

That won’t ever change, that said though, my step-sister and neighbor are both big fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment, style of wrestling, so when the WWE Monday Night Raw show came to Detroit a few weeks ago, I had to take them.

They both celebrated birthdays within weeks of the show, and the tickets were the right price. Neither of them drive though, and both live in Ohio, so I had to take them. Making the best of it, i got my mother a ticket too, if I had to live through it, so should she.

We had really good seats, row eight, and in an aisle to boot.

Arriving at Joe Louis Arena more than an hour before showtime to avoid the traffic disaster, we went in the back way that is normally reserved for handicapped, VIP’s and other special guests. For us it was the closest door to the lot we parked in, and they didn’t question us coming in there.

While waiting for the elevator, I ran into Wayne County Commission Chairman Gary Woronchak who was there with his family. Since county politics are among my beat at work, I had to take a moment to say hello and chat with him about the show.

Turns out he is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, and he assured me that I’d leave a fan too. He said the electricity of seeing it live would have anyone enjoying the show.

Skeptically I agreed, and boarded the elevator.

Prior to the show, I observed thousands of fans that apparently didn’t realize the show was make believe. They were rabidly talking and yelling, about their favorite wrestlers.

The show was ok, but a bit hard to follow at times, unlike the few times I’ve skimmed past it at home on TV, there are no announcers for the show live, so things were a bit tough to keep up with.

Overall the show was ok, but you could easily tell it was make believe, in case there were any out there still wondering. Unlike on TV, you can actually see them pull their punches, completely miss hitting each other and the like.

But that’s ok, as long as it’s the type of thing you enjoy. The show was ok, but nothing I’ll rush back out to see anytime soon.

The highlight of the night for me was tweeting about the show, and having one of the WWE “Superstars” retweet and respond back. Sadly when I checked his account, which turned out to be fake, it only had 12 followers.

WWE wrestler, TMNT movie actor, arrested for attacking teen

Aquinas High School graduate, turned World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Kevin Nash, 55, was arrested at his house in Volusia County Florida.
According to police reports acquired by TMZ, Nash was arrested after a bloody altercation with his teenage son.
According to the report, Nash told officers that his son, Tristan, came to the house drunk and belligerent. Tristan Nash allegedly attacked his father and step-mother, at which time Kevin Nash pinned his son to the ground.
During the altercation, Kevin Nash’s face was scratched badly enough to cause blood stains on his face in a mugshot photo.
When officers arrived, Tristan Nash told them that his dad slammed him violently to the ground, causing him to black out. Kevin Nash was then arrested for the assault.
Just a few hours later Tristan Nash was arrested for allegedly attacking his mother in her home in a separate incident.
Both Nash’s were held at the jail overnight Chirstmas Eve with no bond.
Kevin Nash was born in Detroit and graduated from the now-defunct Aquinas High School in Southgate.
After High School, he attended the University of Tennessee to play basketball.
Eventually after a professional basketball career in Europe was cut short by injury, he returned to the Detroit area and worked at Ford Motor Co. before becoming a professional wrestler.
Kevin Nash has also had a mildly successful movie career, with parts in several big-budget films including "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze,” “Magic Mike,” “John Wick,” “The Longest Yard,” “Rock of Ages,” and other smaller film and TV roles.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Mad Titan’s Quest Continues in THANOS: THE INFINITY RELATIVITY OGN!

This coming June, the Mad Titan continues his crusade for untold power as legendary creator Jim Starlin returns for THANOS: THE INFINITY RELATIVITY OGN, a brand-new, full-length original graphic novel! Following up 2014’s New York Times Bestselling Thanos: The Infinity Revelation, this new original graphic novel marks another stellar offering from Marvel’s all-new OGN line, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes brought to life by the industry’s most popular creators and debuting in a high-end, oversized format featuring sophisticated packaging and design.

Annihilus, lord of the Negative Zone has re-ascended to power, more dangerous and more deadly than ever before. When he and his Negative Zone armies make another, renewed assault on our universe in search of a source of infinite power, a fragile alliance of the universe’s most unlikely protectors will form to stop him.

Now the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gladiator the Majestor of the Shi’ar Empire, and Adam Warlock  and more must unite like never before! Only Adam Warlock’s complex cycle of death and rebirth has left him more confused than ever before. What is his purpose in the universe? Why is he here? With his Infinity Watch reunited alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, between them they may hold the key to ending the threat of Annihilus once and for all – but to do so they’ll need to enlist the help of another.

Could it be that the fate of everything lies in the hands…of Thanos?
Find out when comic legend Jim Starlin returns for his next cosmic epic this coming June for THANOS: THE INFINITY RELATIVITY OGN

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dearborn Library to sell 1,000's of comics at Dec. 3

Hey everyone. Check out what the Dearborn Public Library has for sale tomorrow at their Friends of the Library sale tomorrow. They have over 2,000 modern comics from $.25-$1.00 from Image Comics,Marvel ComicsDC ComicsZenescope Entertainment AND MANY MORE. Share this and tag your local friends, let show them how much we love comics and love libraries and load them up with money for their events. 
Spread the word and help our friends over at the Dearborn Public Library.
Friends of the Library-Dearborn
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 2014
Start Time: 9:30 AM-6:00 pm
Library: Henry Ford Centennial

Comic shop owner, show promoter celebrates birthday

Not all is right in the comic book world, something is amiss.
Normally characters from the pages of comics near and far don't age (unless it's in a splinter universe, or advances the plot.), however on this day, the second of December, year of our lord 2014, one such character has aged by an entire year.
That's right lads and lasses, Dennis L. Barger, Jr., co-owner of WonderWorld Comics and promoter of the annual Detroit Fanfare admitted via a Facebook notification that he was in fact born, and continues to age.
Make no mistake, the self-anointed "King of all the geeks" is definitely a character of epic proportions, but he continues to break all the rules and not follow the well-known tropes of his genre of pop-culture.
Anyone that knows the man, knows its mostly myth and legend, but on this day hundreds of friends, coworkers, acquaintances and other people he vaguely knows reached out and told him "Happy Birthday," in one way or another. Some simply with the words, others with topless photos of Bea Arthur (who ironically enough is having a career resurgence because of it. Moments after her message was posted, it was announced the complete series of Maude would be released on DVD in early 2015.). It's unclear if those are related.
Barger had an outpouring of support not seen since any other person with a similar number of Facebook friends also celebrated their own birthday.
Seriously though, anyone that really wants to wish him a Happy Birthday, should stop by Kickstarter and pledge to the Detroit FanFare Kickstarter for the 2015 show coming up in February. Check out the Kickstarter here:

*Note, most of this story is tongue-in-cheek, but the Kickstarter is very real, donate if you can so we can all have a good time.


Dozens of beloved Marvel comic book series are now available on Kobo’s digital reading platform. Blockbuster titles such as Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 and The Infinity Gauntlet are available for purchase at, giving fangirls and fanboys a universe worth of exciting Marvel Comics.
Super Hero fanatics young and old can enjoy these illustrated eBooks on Kobo devices, such as the full-color Kobo Arc 10HD Android tablet, or via free reading apps available for most popular tablets and smartphones.

“For more than 75 years, Marvel has been transporting comic fans to exciting new galaxies,” says Santiago Melo, Merchandiser, Kobo. “Tackling big issues with larger than life characters, these stories continue to be a constant source of enrichment in our popular culture and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them to the Kobo family.”
“Marvel is excited about our partnership with Kobo and happy to have the opportunity to provide fans, new and existing, another great way to experience our legendary content,” says David Gabriel, SVP Sales and Marketing for Marvel Entertainment.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Small in Stature. Large in Word Count. Get Ready for the Ant-Man Original Prose Novel!

Just in time for his silver-screen debut, the Astonishing Ant-Man is making the leap to prose fiction! Prepare for Marvel’s smallest hero in his biggest story yet as he breaks new ground and charts new territory in ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY – an all-new, full length prose novel! Debuting in 2015 from critically acclaimed crime writer Jason Starr (Twisted CityWolverine MAX), ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY brings all the action of Marvel Comics to the exciting new world of prose fiction!

Meet Scott Lang: ex con, single parent and part-time super hero. Settling in to a new city with his teenage daughter, Cassie, can be hard enough. Yet when a criminal from Scott’s past comes gunning for them, his new beginning is in serious jeopardy. But is the killer after Scott — or the secrets of the Ant-Man technology?

“Marvel’s exciting line of prose novels offer a completely new window into the Marvel Universe,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Whether you’re an Ant-Man fan, or looking to experience a new story featuring the breakout character of 2015, this novel is going to be an exciting thrill ride from cover to cover.”

Pushed to the brink, how far would Scott Lang go to protect his only child? Strap in as the Astonishing Ant-Man embarks on a twisted journey of desperation, secrets and adventure at a microscopic level in ANT-MAN: NATURAL ENEMY – coming in 2015!

Welcome Home Star Wars! Jaxxon is Back!

This January, the iconic Star Wars franchise returns to the House of Ideas in grand fashion with the first can’t-miss ongoing series kicking off in STAR WARS #1! Today, Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm Ltd. are extremely proud to unveil artist John Tyler Christopher’s STAR WARS #1 Party Variant – featuring none other than the return of Jaxxon! Only available at Star Wars #1 Launch Parties, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind variant cover to one of the biggest issues of the year!

“We couldn’t be happier to have Star Wars comics back at Marvel,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Star Wars has always been an important part of Marvel’s history and we knew we wanted to honor that legacy with a callback to the original Marvel Comics Star Wars series. We think old and new fans alike will be just as excited as we are to see Jaxxon, even if it’s only for this fun variant cover.”

From the star studded creative team of writer Jason Aaron, artist John Cassaday and colorist Laura Martin comes a brand-new series spotlighting beloved characters from the original trilogy. Taking place immediately after the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, follow the continued adventures of Luke, Han, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and more as the growing Rebel Alliance battles for freedom against the Imperial Forces of the Galactic Empire!

Retailers: Please check upcoming Marvel Mailers for more information about how you can participate in STAR WARS #1 Launch Parties. Retailers are strongly urged to check their orders on this highly anticipated first issue.