Monday, February 10, 2014

Shang-Chi Unleashed in AVENGERS WORLD #3

 Marvel is pleased to present your first look at AVENGERS WORLD #3 – the next blockbuster issue from critically acclaimed creators Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, and Stefano Caselli! Spread thin across the globe, squads of Avengers fight for their lives on multiple deadly fronts. A.I.M. has made their move – and they’ve declared Earth an Avengers World no longer! But not if Shang-Chi has anything to say about it! The Hand has woken the beast of legend. Out of the Earth rises a great dragon – with the city of Madripoor atop its head! Deep in the heart of the city, Shang-Chi faces down The Gorgon – ruthless leader of the shadowy ninja clan. Winner takes control of The Hand – and gets to keep their life! Don’t miss a minute of the bone-crunching martial arts action this February! The fight to the death begins in AVENGERS WORLD #3

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