Monday, January 26, 2015

‘Nain Rouge’ creators to sign at Green Brain Comics

Green Brain Comics is hosting Josef Bastian and Carl Winan, creators of the Nain Rouge Graphic Novel, just in time to help Detroit celebrate the removal of the spirit from the city.
Bastian and Winan will be at the East Dearborn store, 13936 Michigan Avenue, Sat. from Noon to 2 p.m. The store has recently moved into the old Hewlett’s Music building.
Bastian is the writer of the series of books and the comic adaptation, while Winan is the graphic designer for the graphic novel.
The Nain Rouge Graphic Novel, was richly illustrated by renowned comic book artist, Patrick McEvoy, was written long before Detroit’s current economic woes.
It is based in a financially challenged Detroit and centers around the 300-hundred year old legend of a red dwarf who appears as a harbinger of doom, often before negative events. Two teen friends learn of his curse and seek to drive him from the city with the power of positive thought and action.
Originally a series of novels the Nain Rouge is now a successfully "Kickstarted" graphic novel, and soon a feature film.
“We are so excited to share this wonderful story with the world in so many different ways,” Bastian said. “Now people can experience the Nain Rouge by reading the books, and seeing him in Patrick McEvoy’s fantastic artwork.”

For more information, go to, call 313-582-9444 or check out the Facebook event at

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