Monday, May 11, 2015

Jean Michel Cousteau talks about invasive carp, diverting Great Lakes water

He was essentially raised underwater by his father Jacques Cousteau, and continues the same work today.
After a recent screening of his newest film “Ocean’s Secrets 3D” at the Henry Ford Museum’s IMAX theater, Jean Michel Cousteau took the time to meet with every person that attended the event.
PHOTOS: Jean Michel Cousteau at the Henry Ford
One of the topics he touched on during his time with the crowd was the invasion of the Asian Carp into the Great Lakes.
“As long as there is a way … to find food,” he said. “They’ll do it. It’s just like us, if you’re starving you’re going to go where you can feed yourself.”
He said that giving the species a new source of food would likely deter them from heading to the Great Lakes, provided it was easier to access than the food supply in the region.
“I think that’s what dictates them to move wherever they are,” he said.
Cousteau also spoke about the possibility of diverting Great Lakes water to other areas. He’s against it.
“I don’t think it needs to get to that,” he said. “Eighty percent of water we consume is wasted. Capture it and recycle it.”
The film will be playing at the theater at least through the end of the year.

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