Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The 7 hottest Star Wars toys and collectibles just in time for Episode VII

“The Force” is about to awaken more than just on movie screens.
The seventh film in the “Star Wars” saga (Actually the eighth theatrically released film after the 2008 animated “The Clone Wars”) is set to drop Nov. 18, at which point Star Wars merchandise is expected to skyrocket in interest and value.
PHOTOS: Star Wars merchandise to own before the release of "The Force Awakens"
Quick Stop Comic Shop co-owner Dennis Barger, the self-proclaimed “king of the nerds” picked out seven pieces of merchandise he expects to be among the most sought after by Friday.
Among his criteria, he chose both new and vintage items, and items from price points that should be affordable to all level of collectors.
Check out Barger’s selections in the video below.

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