Monday, January 4, 2016

Martin Hirchak's Fanzine Fantasy

Hey fans,
   I don't do this often, but I'm sharing a post for a friend who is in need of a bit of help to finance production of issue 5 of his fanzine.
   Marty is a great guy. He runs the Fantasticon shows all over Michigan and Ohio, and is truly one of the best people in the business.
   Check out his post below and buy a copy if you can.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ! FANZINE FANTASY #5 will be heading to the printer SOON ! I need to raise $ to get this done right. The 1st 100 orders I receive will be signed and #'d 1 -100! This will be the ONLY PRINT RUN of this special advance issue which I am happy to announce will now be converted into a full blown PROZINE ....WEBPRESS STYLE ! ! ! To order this SUPER LIMITED COLLECTORS' ITEM just send check or money order @ $10 each postpaid in the USA to : Martin Hirchak , po box 44678, Detroit, Mi. 48244. The original cover art pictured here will be printed in FULL COLOR for this special issue ! 36 pages, color / B / W and will feature the best of the BEST UNDERGROUND COMIX , 1964 - 1980 ! Don't miss this SUPER unique Fanzine coming in Feb. 2016 ! ! ! A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SUPPORTED FANZINE FANTASY #1 - #4 ! ! !

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