Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - It did the impossible

Nicolas Cage reprises his role as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance. In this gritty new vision for the character, directed by Neveldine/Taylor (Crank), Johnny is still struggling with his curse as the devil's bounty hunter - but he may risk everything as he teams up with the leader of a group of rebel monks (Idris Elba) to save a young boy from the devil... and possibly rid himself of his curse forever.

This film is bad on such a level that I can hardly describe it. 
I've seen hype on this thing for well over a year, and based on the previews I was willing to give it a chance. I didn't hate the first film, though most comic fans seemed to. 
Having never read many of the comics I went into the first, and this film prepared to just enjoy, not judge on the history of the character and how well it lived up to itself.
The first film in the series was decidedly average, this film makes the first look like an Academy Award winner.
Where to start? I'd say the plot, but there barely is one. The plot holes are so large you could drive a Mack truck through them sideways, and still have plenty of space on all sides. I'd not be surprised if it were to come out that the script that David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) wrote didn't get majorly rewritten before filming began. I'd be more shocked to discover that this was in some way the movie that he actually envisioned when he was writing.
The acting wasn't a total waste, there was definite talent and a bit of screen chemistry even between Nicolas Cage and Idris Elba, but it was too little too late. I didn't care about an of the characters, least of all Johnny Blaze, and I found myself wishing I had chosen to nap instead of trek out to a theater to see the film as none of the characters had any development what-so-ever.
The visual effects were the lone saving grace on the film, and even they were hit and miss. Some scenes were pulled off flawlessly and almost made Johnny Blaze seem real, even when his head was on fire as the Ghost Rider, but then other scenes seemed like something I through together on the old Mac I keep in my closet. The scenes in the trailer were the best ones in the film, but the ones not in the trailer seemed almost like they were a first pass, not a finished product.
The soundtrack wasn't bad, but did nothing to add to the movie, not that I'm sure if any type of music could have fixed the issues this film was having.
The audio mixing was off. I'm not sure exactly how, but nothing sounded exactly as if should have, they definitely forgot to add in some background and ambient noise where it was needed.
Let's just hope that this isn't the type of move that Marvel Studios is going to start pumping out with their comic properties. I'd rather not have more comic movies than to have more like this one.
Lets just hope that The Avengers and the Spider-Man reboot cleanse our pallets of this and we never have to think of it again.
1.5/5 stars
On a side note, I'll let you know all about the special features on this when the disc is released. I know its bad, but as a collector I'll have to add it to my collection.
Such is life.


  1. I have a bad feeling for when I go see it now... though I did enjoy the first one somewhat, so maybe I won't hate it? Also, rating out of 5?

  2. Ah, forgot my rating.... 1.5 for the effects.

  3. As in, the effects are 1.5, everything else gets 0 or the effects give it bonus points, otherwise the sum of its parts would be like 0.5 or 1?

  4. Like the effects were decent, so it's a total 1.5. Otherwise it would have been more like a 0.75

  5. Ouch. And remind me, first Ghost Rider you gave a score of...?

  6. I never officially rated it, but probably around a 2.

  7. Again, for the effects? And maybe Peter Fonda?

  8. To be honest, I'd have to rewatch it with an eye toward reviewing it.

  9. Get to it then! If I can (and will) do it, so can you!

  10. I still haven't unpacked my dvd's. But I will eventually.

  11. I'll get to mine sometime before we get the sequel on our screens.