Saturday, February 18, 2012

R2D2 stole the show

R2D2 was never meant to be a star

The Droid which was been featured in every film and television version of the Star Wars franchise, except for a pair of made for TV movies called "The Ewok Adventures" from the mid 1980's has become more than a star. It's become a pop culture icon.

The Astromech Droid even made an appearance in the most recent Star Trek movie, albeit very brief.

Avid Star Wars fan, and cosplayer Jerry Lica took his fandom one step further.

He and his brother Mike Lica shelled out more than $5,000 to build their own working R2D2 model.

"We saw an R2 builders club at a convention and just decided that we had to have one," Lica said.

The model he has is made mostly of aluminum, and to the exact specifications of the original movie prop.

The builders club he mentioned has a website where they have plans for R2D2 as well as some other astromech units seen in the franchise.

"It's not a kit exactly that you get, but they give you the dimensions and help you in the forum with everything," said Jerry Lica.

The builders club managed to get Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects house started by Star Wars creator George Lucas to allow them to have access to the original models used in the classic trilogy to get measurements for their models.

The Lica's R2D2 unit has been a huge success at the few events if has attended so far.

"People love it, it's always one of the more popular things wherever we are," Jerry Lica said.

With "The Phantom Menace" back in theaters for a 3D release, and five more of the films on their way in the coming years, the Lica’s and their droid are likely to be in high demand for a long time.

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