Friday, October 25, 2013

Lions Idonije to appear at Detroit FanFare this weekend

THE PROTECTORS is the first release from Athleta Comics, a publishing company
founded by Detroit Lions’ defensive lineman and lifelong comic fan Israel Idonije. The story
combines realistic, exciting sports action with superhero spectacle, to finally merge sports
and comics in a successful way.

In The Protectors, football's Isaac Chike, baseball's Miguel Montiero, basketball's Douglass
Larter, soccer's Danielle Peters and hockey's Gerard Rioux are all stars in their respective
sports. Each is blessed with a genetic gift that, when fully activated, will give them amazing
abilities and awesome responsibilities. They each learn about their abilities in their own

The initial five-issue mini-series will introduce the characters, concepts and conflicts,
recounting the origin of the Protectors, as well as their first major battle with the forces of
the Dissenters. Each of the Protectors must choose between their lives of athletic stardom,
and the great responsibilities placed before them. They must “Join the Fight” against those
who would enslave the world.

The series balances widescreen visuals with character-driven drama. It’s an epic storyline
that will continue to unfold over the coming years. It perfectly unites sports action with
classic superhero excitement making the book appealing to both sports fans and comics
aficionados. People of all backgrounds will appreciate the amazing artwork, connect
with the core elements of the story and enjoy the diversity (ethnic and otherwise) of the

Within the story is an underlying message to youth that they too are each blessed with gifts
and abilities that are to be nurtured and developed. That they too will be confronted with
difficulties and obstacles – drugs, negative peer associations, struggles with schoolwork,
and other temptations that might cause them to lose focus of their potential. That they too
will need to set goals, make good choices and stand firm to achieve success in their pursuits
and to become all that they can be. That they too can become “Protectors” of all that is

The Protectors series is designed to promote literacy as well. Idonije understands the
power of reading and education. He works hard to instill the importance of literacy and
of doing well in school. He consistently shares with youth that education is the number
one equalizer and that literacy is the platform on which it all begins. The Protectors is an
appealing story with a positive message.

Athleta Comics self published and released Issue#0 of The Protectors in April of 2013 at
Chicago C2E2.

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