Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thor vs. Malekith! ‘The Accursed’ Concludes in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #17

 This January, Malekith meets his match in THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #17 – the grand finale of ‘The Accursed’! From critically acclaimed creators Jason Aaron and Ron Garney – Thor and the League of Realms desperate chase across the Nine Realms has finally come to an end. Malekith and his Dark Elves prepare to make their final stand against the forces of good. Prepare for the knock-down, drag-out fight you’ve been waiting for as Thor and Malekith battle to the finish as Earth hangs in the balance! Thor and his companions stand ready to defend Midgard – except for the traitor among them! But even as the final battle begins – has Malekith already won? All will be revealed in the climactic THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #17 this January!

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