Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WWE wrestling excursion more fun than expected

I’ve long been a fan of wrestling. No not the type that you see on national, or even international television, but the kind that is real, competitive and not full of writers, actors and scripts.

That won’t ever change, that said though, my step-sister and neighbor are both big fans of the World Wrestling Entertainment, style of wrestling, so when the WWE Monday Night Raw show came to Detroit a few weeks ago, I had to take them.

They both celebrated birthdays within weeks of the show, and the tickets were the right price. Neither of them drive though, and both live in Ohio, so I had to take them. Making the best of it, i got my mother a ticket too, if I had to live through it, so should she.

We had really good seats, row eight, and in an aisle to boot.

Arriving at Joe Louis Arena more than an hour before showtime to avoid the traffic disaster, we went in the back way that is normally reserved for handicapped, VIP’s and other special guests. For us it was the closest door to the lot we parked in, and they didn’t question us coming in there.

While waiting for the elevator, I ran into Wayne County Commission Chairman Gary Woronchak who was there with his family. Since county politics are among my beat at work, I had to take a moment to say hello and chat with him about the show.

Turns out he is a lifelong fan of professional wrestling, and he assured me that I’d leave a fan too. He said the electricity of seeing it live would have anyone enjoying the show.

Skeptically I agreed, and boarded the elevator.

Prior to the show, I observed thousands of fans that apparently didn’t realize the show was make believe. They were rabidly talking and yelling, about their favorite wrestlers.

The show was ok, but a bit hard to follow at times, unlike the few times I’ve skimmed past it at home on TV, there are no announcers for the show live, so things were a bit tough to keep up with.

Overall the show was ok, but you could easily tell it was make believe, in case there were any out there still wondering. Unlike on TV, you can actually see them pull their punches, completely miss hitting each other and the like.

But that’s ok, as long as it’s the type of thing you enjoy. The show was ok, but nothing I’ll rush back out to see anytime soon.

The highlight of the night for me was tweeting about the show, and having one of the WWE “Superstars” retweet and respond back. Sadly when I checked his account, which turned out to be fake, it only had 12 followers.

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