Friday, December 26, 2014

As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, Detroit Fanfare is no more

The annual Detroit Fanfare comic convention is no more.
The show which was held in Dearborn for the last several years had been slated to move to Sterling Heights after the Adoba Hotel changed hands earlier this year.
The hotel in Sterling Heights also recently changed hands, causing turmoil for show organizers.
The organizers include Wonderwold Comics co-owner Dennis Barger, local artist Tony Miello and comic creator Gary Reed.
Barger announced the cancellation on his own, and the Fanfare official Facebook page Dec. 26.
"Detroit Fanfare has prided itself on being a convention for artists and fans of comic books over celebrities,” he wrote, “but in evaluating support and attendance, a large convention cannot remain centered on comics as the primary focus.
"Due to the enormous work and costs involved be the principles to put on the convention and the obvious fan preference for the larger, pop culture shows, it was determined that the role of a convention such as Fanfare had a diminished appeal especially in light of all the recent additions to the convention circuit."
Barger and his partners had been planning to bring comic book writing legend Denny O’Neil to the 2015 show as the keynote celebrity. Unfortunately his draw as the top star didn’t seem to be enough to drive ticket sales.
The promoters were unwilling to to move the convention away from the focus on comics.
“We keep prices down, and we focus on comics,” Barger said in Nov. “Even when we’ve brought media guests in, we make sure they are one degree of separation from a comic book.”
It was that mantra that keep the show pure to many fans, but unfortunately stopped others from flocking to the show.
"Although the show had some problems, as they all do, overall the response to Fanfare was extremely positive and I have to say it was probably the most enjoyable show to go to as a creator and/or fan,” Reed wrote in his personal blog.
It was structured primarily around comics and artists as even the celebrities were tied into comics in some way...So, why is it ending? Well, it started off as something that might be able to continue even with lowered expectations but frankly, it just became too much work."

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