Saturday, October 29, 2011

Top 10 Stephen King Horror Novels

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Stephen King is the undisputed king of the horror novel, not only is he one of the best book authors of all time, he is also one of the most prolific. Keeping with the spirit of the Halloween season, here is a list of the 10 best horror novels he's ever published.
10. “Salem’s Lot” (1975) Jerusalem’s Lot, Maine, begins to see a lot of unusual night activity, later revealed to be vampiric. Ben Mears, former resident, returns just as the vampires grow in numbers. Can he and a few of the other residents stop the rise of the vampires?
9. “Cycle Of The Werewolf” (1983) A short book, with illustrations by Bernie Wrightson, about a werewolf who kills its victims once a month, usually around a holiday or significant event around Tarker’s Mills, Maine. But who is the werewolf?
8. “Pet Semetary” (1983) Sometimes, dead is better”. So says Jud Crandall. And he ought to know, he’s seen things no man should ever see. All from the “pet semetary”, a place of mystery and horror from beyond.
7. “It” (1986) A mummy, a werewolf, a clow,. It is all of these things and none. Seven children are about to find out how dangerous It is. And how It never fully leaves your life, even if you leave It’s.
6. “The Stand” (1978) An epic about the end of the world. Captain Trips has devastated most of the population and the survivors must choose a side in the coming battle between good and evil.
5. “Carrie” (1974) Those girls are going to regret being mean to Carrie. She has power even she’s not aware of...
4. “Misery” (1987) Rescued from a car wreck by his number one fan, author Paul Sheldon’s traded one doom for another as he’s held captive until he writes a new book for Annie Wilkes. And he better hope she likes it...
3. “Danse Macabre” (1981) A different beast of a book, this one being a non-fiction concept about King’s own thoughts on horror spread out across the mediums
2. “Nightmares And Dreamscapes” (1993) A short story collection with no particular theme. Stories include “Suffer The Little Children”, about a school teacher who notices something unusual about her students and “Umney’s Last Case”, involving a fictional gumshoe’s encounter with the man who wrote him.
1. “The Shining” (1977) Jack Torrence and his family are taking care of a hotel for the winter and find all manner of strange things happening. Cabin fever soon sets in and Jack finds himself unable to break away from the hotel’s lure.

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