Monday, October 3, 2011

I Think Someone's Not Making A Big Mistake

   I'm late to a lot of things in life.  Not late to things in a traditional way, I can't stand people that are late.  Whenever possible I show up early to anything I'm doing.  When I say I'm late, I mean to a pop culture craze.  I've never really been up on current pop culture, despite having a firm grasp on pop culture.  I know, that sounds odd, but allow me to explain.
   For whatever reason, until very recently I have never warmed to new TV shows much, preferring to give my limited viewing time to things I know and like already.  That has caused me to miss some great shows (Firefly, Arrested Development, and well just about anything on Fox during the 1990's until 2007 or so as it was cancelled way to quickly) over the years.  In a DVD crazed world though, I've been catching up on things a lot. 
   Firefly quickly became one of my favorite TV shows once I picked up the DVD, and Arrested Development, once I started watching I couldn't stop.  Unfortunately I was forced to stop rather quickly as the show only lasted just two and a half seasons, a piddly 53 episodes, a mere 1,166 minutes.
   Of course there is the rumor out there, as there has been since the 2006 cancellation of the show that creator Mitchell Hurwitz was working on a screen pay, and that all the key cast wanted to come back.  To date those rumors have been just that. Over the weekend however, Hurwitz announced that not only is the movie definitely happening, but that a quick 10 episode 'catch up' season would also be included in any deal to make a movie so that the fans can find out what's been going on in the character's live over the past several years.
   So yes, most definitely someone is not making a big mistake here.


  1. I'm in the same boat, never seeing what the "cool kids" are seeing until years after the fact. Thank the maker for DVD's.

  2. Best TV show you ever discovered after it was cancelled?

  3. Quite possibly. Though I'm having trouble thinking of anything else, besides the aforementioned Firefly

  4. Firefly is my personal favorite late in (it's) life discovery.