Monday, October 31, 2011

Kids' Say the Darndest Things

As promised in the post yesterday, I'll include some comments from a couple of my 'adoring fans' about the 10 best scary video games of all time posting. Well I'm about to share some of the e-mails that I received at my work account. The guy obviously didn't understand that concept, I didn't say that they were the 10 scariest games of all time, just that they were the best 10 in the opinions of me and my co-author, who has just launched a blog yesterday.

Anyway, without further delay, I give you the first 'fun' e-mail from said person:
So when you write an article in October of 2011, and you neglect to put "Dead Space" in your Top 10 Scariest Video Games of All Time, then I seriously question the validity of the information provided, as well as the testicle size of the writer in question.

Maniac Mansion, seriously?  The scariness of an 8-bit point & click?  I fail to see it.

House of the Dead?  What's the very thing that would make me feel safe in front of an undead horde?  How about a gun in my hand and an endless supply of quarters?

Original Resident Evil, and not RE4?  What is scary about the original is the control scheme and camera angles.

How about Fallout 3, where you turn around only to find a gigantic monster about to scratch your face off everywhere you go?

Here's a suggestion, add every Madden game since 2005 to your list to make it complete.

While he's obviously attempting to troll me, you'll see that he wants me to add sports games to a list of scary games... Not sure what to say there. I did respond with this though:
The Deadspace games weren’t that scary compared to other games released around the same time.  Sorry you didn’t like the list, but that’s the beauty of opinion, this one was mine, and my co-writers.
Obviously he didn't like my response as he came back screaming about how I was wrong, well I can take criticism, or else I wouldn't be in the business that I am in.
Really, what games are those?  Because none of those made your list either except for Left 4 Dead.
Look, I appreciate your nostalgic view of video game culture, but you're so far out of touch that you lumped an 8-bit game in with PS One titles, without even acknowleding arguably the scariest games ever on modern consoles (Bioshock, Gears of War & Dead Space, which was scary dude so don't act like you know more than me because you have some douchey blog).  Why don't you add in the original Super Mario Brothers?  That Bowser dude was totally scary in 1988.

Don't get all upset that I'm calling you out over obvious omissions.  You mad bro?
At this point, while I wasn't mad, I was laughing quite loudly in the office, and had to share with my co-workers. We all had a good laugh, so I told him that I would be posting some of the e-mails as a blog post. He gave me permission.
Go ahead.  Nobody reads your blog, and everyone who does would agree with why should I care?
I'm not trying to be a troll, you just put together a list that anyone older than 15 would disagree with. 
 I also explained why there were not ommissions on my list, as the list in only opinion, not anything definitive.
They are only obvious omissions to you because they are your favorite games.  I looked at all games, I didn’t throw in modern bias like most people tend to do.  In the end though, it’s my opinion, no one is saying that it’s perfect, just the opinions of mine and my co-writer. Thanks for reading. -Dave
Of course he wouldn't let it end there either...
So your illogical bias is acceptable but you're dismissive of everyone else's rationale?
How old are you?  40?  Are you 40 years old?  I bet you're 41.  Maybe 42.
And you still haven't named those "other games" that came out around the same time as Dead Space, but are waaayyy scarier.  I'm waiting with bells on.  But I'm headed to a concert now, because I have a life.  So don't expect my drunken reply until about 12:30 Saturday  
There were a few other e-mails from this guy, and a couple from others. I'm writing this Sunday night for release Monday morning, so I haven't checked my work e-mail to see if he has responded more since. I do however feel the need to thank this guy, as he shared the link to the story, even if he did so with malicious intent, to other websites that got the story about 20,000 page views over the weekend, so I obviously can't be mad, he's earned me a sticker from a co-worker.

Oh, and I offered to let the guy write a letter to the editor that we could print in the paper, but he has declined, so there is no way that I was being 'dismissive' of his opinion, I just didn't agree with it. But no 'bro' I'm not mad.


  1. Awww, he thinks he's people! So, it leads me to wonder, why doesn't he do a list and "show us how it's done"?

  2. because his list wouldn't be as popular? Just a guess.