Monday, May 28, 2012

No "Bones" about it, this is a great show

Yes friends, I have finally bit the bullet and decided to start watching the show "Bones."
I'm not 100 percent sure why I've not been watching all along, other than my need to see things from the beginning being what it is.
I recently found out that "The Finder" was cancelled after just one season, and while doing some research on what had quickly become a favorite show this season, I discovered that it was a spin off from "Bones." So of course I needed to start watching that show, if for no other reason than to eventually catch up to the episode that Walter was on.
Netflix being what it is, I get to catch up from the beginning, so late last night I sat down and watched the pilot, and it was so good I had to watch the second episode right away.
The characters were a great fit right from the start, partly because the pairing of Booth and Brennan wasn't a 'new' partnership but we were dropped in on a relationship that already existed. The actors David Boreanez and Emily Deschanel felt like they had been playing the roles for years already. It was a great start for the show. Obviously with the show having just wrapped it's seventh season, I'm not the only one to think so. Consider me its newest fan. I might even be ready to watch season eight with the rest of America.

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