Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A quarter million comics ... SOLD

Wonderworld Comics, in Taylor, just sold off the mother load of comic book back issues.

Co-owners Dennis Barger and Robert Bowman recently inked a lease on a new
warehouse, and rather than move 30 pallets with more than 700 long boxes of comic back issues, they sold them in bulk.

The long boxes included fuller series runs, purchased collections and overstock from both Devil's Due and Desperado comics. Most of the books are already bagged and boarded.

The  entire collection was loaded in the back of a semitrailer Tuesday night.

"Still had room for one more pallet," Barger said.

While he didn't say who bought the books, Barger did say it was a "major retailer. Barger also declined to comment on how much the wholesale discount was, instead saying that he got "a very big check."

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