Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Which was better 'Bill Nye, the Science Guy,' 'Beakman's World,' or 'Mr. Wizard's World?'

Growing up a child in the 90's there was no lack of want for fun, educational programming. Being a nostalgic person now nearing 30, I've been looking back on things I used to watch with reverie and I realized, there is a huge question that needs to be answered.
   The two main science shows I watched growing up were "Bill Nye, the Science Guy," and "Beakman's World," both were on TV around the same time period, and were both staples of Saturday morning programming. But which one was better?
   Beakman debuted in 1991 and ran through '97, while Bill Nye debuted in 1992 and ran through 1998. Toss into the mix the reruns of "Mr. Wizard's World," which originally ran from 1983-91 and now we've got a huge issue going on. An issue that might need to be figured out with some type of experiment.
   Of course I'm no scientist, so mine will be more of a social experiment, played out in the comments section. Which of the three shows did you prefer to either watch as a child, or that your children watch if you weren't of the target age during the time they were on?

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