Thursday, June 19, 2014

‘Interesting Drug’ author signs at Green Brain Comics

DEARBORN — In a sentence, it’s time travel by way of drugs. That’s how author Shaun Manning describes his latest graphic novel, which he signed at Green Brain Comics last weekend.
“A man arrives from the future,” he said. “He talks an ordinary guy into developing a drug, by telling him ‘hey we’re about to do this, this is how it happened.’”
That’s when the hijinx ensue. The book’s main character is promised a chance to change the world, and have buddy adventures with his time-traveling companion, but that’s not what happens according to the author.
“As it turns out this man from the future has his own agenda,” Manning said. “Our hero Andrew allows himself to get drawn in because he has something in his past that he wants to change.”
The book was inspired by several time travel stories, and also a comic from industry legend Grant Morrison, called “The Invisibles.”
“There is an idea that comes up a few times in sci-fi that all of time exists simultaneously,” he said. “We can only see our through it in a straight line. If that’s true it stands to reason that a persons entire life should be present within him or her and you shouldn’t need a time machine to get there.”
Learning how to access time in that nonlinear way is one of the cornerstones to the book.
Published by the Archaia imprint of BOOM! Studios, the book is available at Green Brain Comics, 13210 Michigan Ave., or through other local book stores and online at

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