Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ATTN: SINGLE MEN - Important Bedroom Information!!

Disclaimer here, I did not write this, it was sent in an e-mail to me, and the original author did not want to share their own name. It's genius though when you think about it.

Since becoming a single guy again, I've come to realize that its very important that we guys foster an atmosphere of camaraderie among us...and help each other whenever we can.  As we can probably all attest, its not easy being a single guy in today's world.

We've all jumped in here whenever we could...to try to help solve some of the problems of Bedford township.  But we're not chopped liver!  WE have PERSONAL problems, too.

Well, the other day...kinda by accident...I solved one of our major problems...how to easily get the bottom sheet on the bed.  You may have already come up with this solution by yourself.  But if you haven't, you're welcome to use these instructions.

1.  The hardest part is putting it on correctly the first time.  This shouldn't take too long, though.  I can usually get it done in less than an hour.

2.  After you're SURE you have it on correctly, do this...

a.  Get a PERMANENT (very important!) magic marker.  Take the 2 pillows off the bed temporarily.  On the 2 spots on the bottom sheet where the pillows were, draw an up arrow on each spot.  Make sure the arrows are short enough to get covered by the pillows...in case you later have any overnight guests.  At the bottom end of the arrow, put the word 'UP'.

THAT'S IT !!!  Smooth, huh!

Now...here's the beauty of it...for the next time you change the sheet...

1.  If you put the sheet on sideways, the arrows will point to either side...so you'll know you have it wrong.

2.  If you have the top at the bottom, you'll be able to tell immediately...'cause the arrows will be pointing in the wrong direction.

Now...here's the REAL beauty of the arrows...

3.  If you have the arrows pointing to the top...but the word spells 'PU'...you'll immediately know that you have the sheet INSIDE OUT!!  Slick, huh!

If you decide to use this system, let me know what you think of it.


  1. So, is this going to be like a series or something? I have a feeling we can expect more of these tips.

  2. Well as I stated up top, I didn't write the tip, but if I get anymore, I'll be glad to share them. I thought it was a pretty nifty idea.

  3. Oh I know it wasn't yours (a very telling line reaffirms that...) just that it looks like it's the first in a series or something.

  4. It very well could be, if I get anymore ideas for this type of thing.