Sunday, March 25, 2012

“Call me a 'Quack' it's right on target”

  The Robertson clan, owners and operators Ducks Commander, a company based in Louisiana that creates duck calls are set to TV's new first family. The family, is the star of the sure to be a hit new A&E TV series called “Duck Dynasty,” which debuted last week with a pair of hilarious half hour episodes.
The show follows the family as they attempt to both run their company, and learn to cope with being instantly wealthy after growing up poor. Willie is the company CEO, who struggles with running the family business and keeping it a family business, while also not being able to fire if employees for making mistakes, no matter how major since they are all his family members.
Phil Robertson
This is shown perfectly in the premiere episode when Willie is with his father Phil (Yes that Phil Robertson) and mother Miss Kay filming a cooking DVD to sell as part of their product line. His brother Jase is back at the production facility with the rest of the crew and come up with the idea that they need a research lab so that they can develop new products and test them out without having to leave the facility, so he decides to flood the loading dock and buy some ducks to stock it with.
Phil Robertson, the company founder is the same Phil Robertson that quit playing college football with a year of eligibillity left while at Louisiana Tech and topping the depth chart above one Terry Bradshaw. Bradshaw went on to win four Superbowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Willie Robertson
Willie, who thought that the crew was working on filling a 1,000 duck call order, returned to the plant right as they released the ducks. He through a fit, and forced the guys back to work, before they got to test the duck calls.
Willie manages to let his softer side show though a few minutes later when curiosity gets the better of him and he asks how it worked. Jase tells him that they didn't get to test anything and the episode concludes with the duck calls working and Willie claiming that he had the idea to do this five years ago and that Jase stole it from him.
The show isn't all about duck calls though. They play football, they go frog hunting and overall they just have some down home red-neck fun. The antics seem a bit over the top, but are completely believable within the confines of this show.
I'm not normally a fan of reality TV, but this show will be a must watch on my DVR playlist for the next several weeks at least. For a city boy like myself the family is a hoot to watch.

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