Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An interesting thing happened on my way home last night

As the title suggests, an interesting thing happened on my way home last night. I ran into my first real world fan.

(Warning, the following story may be very exagerated, but it is mostly true.)

I was covering the Allen Park City Council meeting for work. For the first time in months, a meeting let out in a paltry two hours, and I was sprinting to the exit so I could get home at a decent hour, you see I live about an hour south of the city, in a mystical land called Toledo.

I was nearly at the door when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. Immediately I went into defensive mode, saying that I would look into whatever story idea the person had, but that I was super busy and it may take me a few weeks. (All joking aside, I really do mean it when I tell that to people.)

It turned out to be one Allison Cline, who works in the police department as a grant writer, and I was partially correct, she did want to talk about a story for me to work on. That's not the reason for this blog though, you see what happened next is what had me beaming proud, she mentioned my blog by name, and said that she reads it as often as she can. That she even has it sent to her phone.

Now you see, she was the first person that I didn't know on a personal level that has ever come up to me in the 'real world' meaning not simply my friends, family and coworkers have ever mentioned reading my blog. I know that a lot of people read this, because I get thousands of hits a month, but knowing the people that read it make it so much more fun to write.

So I guess what I'm saying is that if you read this, and happen across me in the real world please feel free to stop me and tell me so. It'll make my day, and you might even be immortalized right here on the internet.

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