Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gak is back (and so is Floam)

As a kid growing up in the 90's, (Yes I get to count myself as both an 80's and a 90's kid having grown up during at least five years of each decade.) I got to go through many of the crazy toy phases. Not the least of which was Gak and Floam. Yes I had both, as did all of my friends.

At least as far as I can remember, Gak came first. Now it was fun. Basically just a more liquefied version of silly putty. But everyone had to have it. Even if all you did with it was to squish it together and feel it ooze through your fingers.  Gak was quickly outpaced however by Floam, which was fun and practical.

Now Floam was sticky, and messy and smelled terrible, but it was great to play with as it was fun to squish in your hands as well, or you could shape it into just about anything you wanted and then tear it apart. If you liked whatever you made you could leave it out overnight and have a toy for life in that shape.

I've never managed to grow up though, so the other night while I was watching the cartoons that I have on my DVR, I saw commercials for both Floam and Gak, so apparently they are 'back' if they had ever went anywhere in the first place.

Which do you like better? Did you have both?

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