Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isn't it great when things Kinect?

Ok so today was an odd day at work to say the least, I won't go into it in detail as I'm sure most of you don't care. Everyone has good and bad days at work, lets just say today was a bad one, until about 4 p.m. that is.

You see faithful readers, what happened at 4 p.m. was one of the cooler things that I have had a chance to do since joining the News-Herald almost a year ago.

I got to interview a local Trenton high graduate, Craig Derrick, yeah I know that doesn't sound all that interesting right off the top, but this particular 1991 THS grad moved on to work in the video game field, and just recently had his first game released through LucasArts, it's a part of a tiny little franchise, maybe you've heard of it. Star Wars? Yeah I thought so.

I got to invite a co-worker, David Komer into the phone interview, and we recorded it for the first episode of what will become a weekly, or at least biweekly podcast about pop culture and the like. Hopefully we'll have it available for you in the near future. In another piece of multi-tasking, we'll also be combining to produce a print article for all of the Downriver denizens as well as anyone else that may want to read about Craig or Star Wars. I hope you all enjoy, and make sure to tune in a bit later when the 'Culture Cast is released.

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