Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 10 Easter movies with a little something for everyone

10.  The Passion of the Christ — While it’s a bit violent for the younger crowd, it’s a pretty accurate description of the final 12 hours of Jesus’ life. Not for casual viewers as it is completely in Aramaic with subtitles.
9. Yogi the Easter Bear — Yeah, it’s more of a kids movie than for the adults, but those of us that were kids when this special was originally released can now relive our youth while infecting a whole new generation with Yogi Bear.

8. Bug Bunny’s Easter Funnies — The Easter bunny is ill, Granny needs to find a replacement for him, after watching several cartoons from the past. A very eager Daffy Duck keeps appearing, in the end he dresses up as the Easter bunny and Granny and Bugs have been cheated but find it funny.

7. Jesus: The Complete Story — an award-winning British documentary series that chronicles the life of Jesus Christ using scientific and contemporary historical evidence.

6. The Last Temptation of Christ — The film contains many elements not found within the texts of the four Gospel writers in the New Testament, and not supported by any teachings of the major traditions of Christianity. This has been a source of contention and controversy despite the disclaimer stating that it is "not based on the gospels".
One of the dominant sources of controversy stems from an "alternate reality" near the end of the movie in which Jesus is depicted as marrying Mary Magdalene instead of dying on the cross. The rationale behind this scene is that embracing his full humanity represents the true last temptation of Christ; that is, the temptation to forego the cross and lead a life of a normal man, free from the burden of being crucified and of being the salvation of mankind. In the image of a beautiful, androgynous child, Satan suggests to Jesus that there is no real reason to die, and that he should come down from the cross and lead a normal human life, telling Jesus he is in fact not the Messiah. In this dreamscape, Jesus marries and raises a family, and lives through many other experiences considered part of a normal human existence.

5. The Eater Bunny is coming to town — A little known Bankin & Rass film about Easter. They are well known for the stop motion animated Christmas films such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

4. Hop — Kaley Cuoco and an anthropomorphic Easter Bunny star in this film. What more could audiences of all ages ask for?

3. The Greatest Story Ever Told — the life and times of Jesus Christ. Max von Sydow plays Jesus. 
2. Dogma — Jay & Silent Bob meet there maker during some wacky adventures. Not for the younger audiences as the there is a lot of foul language, nudity and violence. Doesn’t really deal with “Easter” per se, but god and Jesus both appear either in dialogue or on screen.

1. It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown — While most of the Peanuts Gang is getting ready for Easter, Linus, certain it is all a waste of time, tries convincing everyone the Easter Beagle will take care of everything, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Only Sally believes him, though she still has some suspicions after the Halloween fiasco.

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