Sunday, April 26, 2015

MANCHILD REVIEW: 'Max: The Inebriated Rabbit'

“Max: The Inebriated Rabbit” is like a dirty version of “Fritz the Cat.”

Yes you read that correct, a dirty version of Fritz.

It’s offensive, it’s crude, in a nutshell it’s perfect.

We are first introduced to Max at the tail end of a 5-day bender where he did enough blow and booze to make Charlie Sheen blush. 

That said, all he really wants is to get his girlfriend Ophelia a gift for her birthday.

That’s how he ended up with the cash to start the bender, that’s why he ended up on the bender. Disregard the booze, the hooker and the rest, at its heart this is a love story.

Max just doesn’t know how to show his love, so instead he self-sabotages.

It’s a strong debut from writer/artist Erick Gutierrez, who you can tell pours his heart and soul into the story.

The only downside to this book, is that in the nature of independent comics, there isn’t more to consume right away.

I’ll be (not so) patiently waiting to buy a copy of issue two the second it’s available.

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