Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes folks there is a Rand Paul comic book

In honor of the start of the presidential primary season, Bluewater Productions announced today the release of a biography featuring political powerhouse Rand Paul titled Political Power: Rand Paul.  Bluewater is also announcing some other biography comic books for the 2016 election. 
Dr. Rand Paul is the son of former presidential candidate and “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, and considered in many circles to be the Republican’s nominee for President during the 2016 elections. Though his short time as the Senator of Kentucky hasn’t been without some controversy, Dr. Paul has made an indelible mark on politics. Political Power: Rand Paul.   Will be released on April 15th
Bluewater’s political slate for 2015/2016 will include those that announce their intentions to run for the presidency as well as those whose power influence the voting public’s choices for leaders.  Titles scheduled for later this year include biographies of Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Elizabeth Warren, and more.  They have already published biographies on potential 2016 candidates like Chris Christie, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. An update to the previously released Hillary Clinton title, focusing on her time as Secretary of State, will see print soon.
Since, 2008, Bluewater’s publishing line has been addressing current events and releasing entertaining biographies of the men and women vying to become America’s next leaders, a fact which makes publisher and President Darren G. Davis proud. “Growing up, I was a reluctant reader. We hope to reach kids in similar situations that may be more apt to read when a comic book is placed in front of them,” said Davis. “I have guest taught in schools and found comic books to be an excellent way to reach children and young adults.” Davis also added that understanding the realm of politics may seem daunting to some. “It’s my hope that these informative and entertaining books teach readers about the candidates. Comic books have grown up; they’re not just for kids anymore.”  Past subjects have included Michelle Bachmann, Barack Obama, Herman Cain, The Tea Party Movement, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and more. Bluewater has also released one on Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul. 
Artist Joe Paradise, a graphic designer famed for his work drawing biography comics depicting the Dead Kennedys, Elvis Presley, Joan Jett and the Runaways, and more with Revolutionary Comics in the mid-1990’s, agrees with Davis’ assertion regarding the power of comic books. “If you ask me, political figures are more interesting than super heroes by a mile,” he explains. “The spandex crowd seems caught in a never-ending loop of revisiting stories that were written 50 years or more in the past - but our politicians are constantly inventing fresh new ways to shock, bewilder, confuse, and sometimes even inspire us, and I'm enjoying the hell out of documenting it all on the comic page.”
Writer Michael Frizell, an educator for Missouri State University and freelance writer, agrees. “Dr. Paul is a fascinating figure. As a writer, I always want to craft stories about people who hold strong convictions. His ties to family give readers a glimpse at his character, and his often-controversial stances make him an interesting person to depict in graphic format,” said Frizell. Understanding the impact such a book might have, Frizell added, “The research I needed to conduct was rigorous, as was the writing process. I needed to think like a storyteller and notate like a reporter.”

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