Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'American Ninja Warrior' to return for fourth season

Let me just say to start off with, could this show have a better title?

It's coming back for a fourth season, but most of America has probably never seen, or even heard of this classic reality show.

The reason for that is simple enough, the the first three seasons have aired only on   the G4 network.

G4 is a network that attempts to pull in the youth and gamer crowd, so most Americans don't see the few really good shows that the network does have.

Well starting with this season, NBC, the parent network to G4, will air weekly episodes in an attempt to gain popularity for the show (or more likely fill space cheaply on the 'big' network). Either way this is a win for the American people. NBC aired the season three finale last year and was impressed enough by the ratings to decide to make an order for a fourth season.

Episodes will run on NBC first, and then later the same week on G4. It is unclear now how many episodes the fourth season will be, or when the exact premiere date is, but expect it in the summer.

The premise is relatively simple, like most reality TV shows, a group of people compete on a Ninja themed obstacle course and eventually one of them is named the "Ninja Warrior" for the season.

What's better than being a ninja? Being an American Ninja Warrior that's what.

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