Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tim Tebow: The worst QB to ever win a playoff game.

That's right folks, Tim Tebow is now officially the worst quarterack to ever win a play-off game. Sure there have been some bad QB's make the playoffs, and even win. But none have ever been this bad, and had so little chance of improving.

Tebow can't throw the ball to save his life. Whether it's a short five yard pass over the middle or a long bomb down the field it still looks the same. And it is bad.

Every pass he throws looks like he just tossed it up and is praying that someone will catch it, which is fitting based on how much his religion is thrown in everybody's face all the time. Just give that a rest. We get it, he's a good guy. But I don't care, it's not like he's the only good guy in the league. There are hundreds of great people in the league, they just don't flaunt it.

Even his numbers, outside of winning games favor my assertion that he is flat out terrible. His passer rating is around 72, his completion rating is around 45, and he has 19 turnovers when you combine his fumbles (13) and interceptions (6), all of that against just 12 touchdowns. Oh and he threw for just 120 yards a game in the regular season.

Fact of the matter is, he just kept getting lucky in the regular season, This shouldn't have been a 5 win team, let alone a playoff team.

So yes faithful readers, Tebow is the worst QB to ever win a playoff game, that is unless the 49ers win this weekend.

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