Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cooking with Granny: Potato Soup

   After several days of thinking and contemplating on what to bring to our office gift exchange/potluck lunch, I decided to ask my Granny to help make potato soup. This worked out for me two-fold, one I got to visit with her, and two I got to learn how to make one of my favorite dishes that she makes.
   Little did I know that she doesn't really have a recipe, she just sort of wings it and estimates the amounts included in each batch.

The Recipe:

About four pounds of potatoes.
Four stalks of celery
Two cans of evaporated milk
One full stick of butter
Now here is where it gets sticky..... The rest of this is a typical 'homemade recipe'
Enough water to cover the potatoes,
About a quarter of a medium sized onion,
Salt and pepper to taste,
and the final ingredient is A SECRET! but it's also a 'to taste' one.

Throw it all in a pot and cook until the potatoes are done. Easy Squeezy.

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