Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FactsWithoutWikipedia (You Know your a Twitter fiend if you read that on the first try)


  1. All Canadians live in igloos, drive dog-sleds and speak FrenchEnglish. It doesn't snow in Vancouver, though, which is why so many Americans make movies there. The national food of Canada (or Canadia, to the young and hip) is poutine, or fries with gravy and cheese curd, and Michael J Fox is the country's president. Canadians are very polite and shy, except for Pierre Trudeau's family. Canadians are also very funny, and famous Canadians tend to migrate to the United States to keep their fame secret from their families, so as not to brag. If you love the cold, and potatoes, go to Canada for a visit. People will be nice to you and the Canadian dollar is always only only worth about half the dollar of all other countries, so cheap! O Canadia, we love your wintry climes!