Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grand Rapids Comic Con fills DeltaPlex to capacity

Last weekend's Grand Rapids Comic Con was my first time heading out to the show, which is about a 4 hour drive each way.
At first I wasn't going to go, then when they announced that a pair of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would be in attendance as well as a few other guests, I couldn't resist.
So I packed up the car and drove out farther west into Michigan than I had ever ventured before.
While the convention guests were great for a show of that size, moving inside the DeltaPlex convention center was tough. Aisles were not as wide as they could have been, and there was a massive amount of people in the building.
From friends that went to the show on Sunday, I heard things went much better. Hopefully I was just a victim of circumstance. Either way, I got a few good photos, and picked up some sweet Ninja Turtle toys.
Also I got to find out that Karan Ashley (second MMPR Yellow Ranger) is a TMNT fan, that in itself was worth the drive out to the convention.
I'll check it out again next year.
Enjoy the photos!

Photos: Pictures from the Grand Rapids Comic Con

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