Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pith helmet from "Space Balls" up for sale on Ebay

Wonderworld Comics co-owner Dennis Barger often buys things simply because they are “cool.”
Barger, the self-proclaimed “King of the nerds,” at least in this area, is showing off some of his geek cred this week with a new Ebay auction for a screen used Pith Helmet from “Spaceballs.”
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Barger has decided to put the helmet up for sale recently after he brought it out of storage for his re-grand opening party for his Taylor-based brick and mortar store.
The helmet was the only one produced for the 1987 movie, and was used again on screen when Barger travelled to New Jersey and attempted to sell it on AMC’s hit show “Comic Book Men.”
The helmet is listed on Wonderworld’s Ebay Store for a buy it now price of $8,000, with free shipping.
Barger said in the listing that he hasn’t seen any screen-used props from the movie go on sale in over 10 years.
The item comes with all of the paperwork from the original auction where it was purchased and certified to be real. Furthermore, the man that sold the helmet to Barger is still a customer at the store and gladly tells the tale of how he came to own it when asked.
Check out the Ebay listing here:
 (Video courtesy Terrell Culbert/Breathe Again Magazine, was partially filmed at WonderWorld Comics.)

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