Monday, November 17, 2014

The White House's first super-team is getting put together – by a guy who sells gyros.

Joe Cyborg, a disembodied head attached to a robot body - who holds an undisclosed position at The White House, is looking to amass an off-the-books team of super-heroes - and former team-mates, The Almighties, have caught his eye...

The Almighties – who disbanded after learning their benefactor was actually an insane Neo-Nazi - comprised armored field leader Maxi-Tron, former downtrodden Canadian housewife turned swingin' super-heroine Ms. F, British punk rocker/werewolf Nite Fang, black ops soldier-for-hire Mason... and Greek takeout owner Stefanos.

Joe is not without his reservations over the motley crew; but if anyone should need replacing, he already has a new member in mind - in the form of (the Deadpool-parodying) Wayne Winston, who lives in a whale skeleton, in the mysterious underground lair known as Subterranea, with his step-parents Nigel and Rodent. 

“This might be a good time for Wayne to be offered such an opportunity,” says Sam Johnson, The Almighties' co-creator/writer. “The bizarre habitat he and his family call home was chosen for a reason – its serene environment keeps Wayne's more...'troubling'...character traits in check... But, at the behest of would-be world-conqueror Muhky – who wants to utilize Subterranea for his own ends - a demon imp is on his way to serve Wayne and co. a very brutal eviction.”

However, whether Wayne will get his lifeline rests in the hands of Stefanos. “Stef is a guy who acts as a part-time presidential aide, when he's not needed at his takeout, Doner Fella's,” Johnson continues; “So with his connection to the team and his (inexplicably) trusted position at The White House, who better for Joe Cyborg to have review The Almighties' potential line-up?”

Stefanos is a man in great demand, though - and his skills are sought after in The Almighties #0 not just by Joe, but by President Obama himself – when Stef is called upon to go back in time and save Obama's top Man in Black – Agent Coleslaw – after Coleslaw gets his face blasted off in battle.

Written by Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman) & Mike Gagnon (Classic IllustratedMonkeys & Midgets), illustrated by Eleonora Kortsarz, Graham Pearce, Pablo Zambrano & Ron Gravelle, published by Actuality Press and rated 'Teen,' The Almighties #0 is released on November 5th  - along with a chance for newcomers to catch up on the team's debut adventure, when The Almighties #1 gets a new Limited Variant Edition – both available

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