Friday, November 7, 2014

MTV artist Steven Cooper to perform in Allen Park

A rising star in the MTV universe will bring his fresh spin on hip hop to Allen Park.

Steven Cooper will take the stage tonight at Simons After Dark, 4936 Allen Road, in Allen Park.

His music fuses pop and hip-hop elements with aggressive delivery and lyricism.

Cooper’s latest tune, “Bigger,” features Akon and, at the time of its release, broke into the top 100 downloaded singles on iTunes.

He recently was featured alongside Akon and Tech N9NE and has been signed to MTV.

His catchy songs have been featured on ESPN, Fox, MTVu and ABC Family. Cooper recently headlined the Promise Land Festival in Ottumwa, Iowa, performing for more than 3,500 attendees.

Born in the Midwest, he was raised by a young mother and never knew his father.

He recalls growing up in a home surrounded by sex, drugs, violence, and addiction, which eventually left his family homeless.

After dealing with depression and anger issues in his teenage years and being bullied in school, he began to write lyrics and decided to share his songs with the kids at school.

His new EP titled “One Night Out” is available now on iTunes.

Visit for more information about the singer.

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