Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 Gift Guides: Gifts for a journalist.

Since I've been doing gift guides, I can't help but do one for my own profession.

6. Tyvek Wallet - Newsprint design. The perfect gift for any journalist that carries a wallet, it's practical and fitting of the profession. This can be picked up at
5. Mmm, Chocolate Pie...Chart. Yes journalists love statistics and figures, and what's better to show off those numbers than a beautiful pie chart? How about if that pie chart were made of chocolate. Available for about $20 from

4. USB Microphone. It turns your computer into a recording device, and allows the journalist to be able to upload the audio content directly to a website as needed. Available at

3. Bulletproof Polo Shirt. Perfect for the journalist that is on a crime beat, or that works in a bad neighborhood. No longer will you have to worry about your favorite journalist getting shot and dying if they are wearing this shirt. Available at

2. Crime Scene Scarf. Another fun, yet practical gift for the journalist that works in a cold weather climate. These are available on
1. Mobile Portable Bar. What's the one thing all journalists have in common? A drinking problem, and the need for mobility. This gift combines both, so it's perfect for your favorite journalist. Available at


  1. The Mobile Portable Bar, is that from Stark Industries?

  2. Bet it might have been inspired by the movie.

  3. Certainly seems like it. Imagine if he took THAT into battle instead of his Iron Suitcase
    "Well, time to be awesome. You, Dreadknight, time to get pwned!" *Opens up case* "Oh, this is not good... I'm out of olives! My martinis will not stand for this!"