Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Life of an Intern: First Experiences as an Intern

Just another of the News-Heralds blogs, this was another way we thought to get our interns immersed in the fast paced world of professional journalism.  Oh and that penguin she mentions, it was my idea as well. This is the first post in an all new blog, this one comes from intern Kellie Barrett.

The Life of an Intern: First Experiences as an Intern

When I began my internship at The News Herald Newspaper, I didn’t think I would spend one morning driving to a Halloween store and getting my picture taken in a bunch of crazy costumes. And I especially never thought that a picture of me in a penguin costume would end up on the front page.
Experiences like that have made my internship interesting. So far, it has not only been a great learning experience, it has been fun. I’ve met a lot of interesting and funny people in and out of the newsroom.
I spend the two days a week I’m there writing so I’m generating a lot of clips. I’ve covered interesting stories like a Downriver man who lost over 200 pounds with bariatric surgery and an event that consisted of high speed races to benefit cardiac care at Henry Ford Health System.
My stories have been published so I’m generating a lot of clips which is so important for an intern. But I’m also getting to know reporters and editors who seem to know everyone and everything Downriver. I’m also getting to know my community a little better and the nice people who live there.
It’s also nice to know that I still have about half my internship left to keep writing and learn about journalism skills such as editing and paginating. Basically, I still have time to learn as much as I can about the newspaper business and what it takes to be a good journalist.

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