Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Gift Guides: Gifts for the Pop Culture junkie.

5. If you've never heard of Banksy, don't feel bad, unless you're a pop culture junkyyou probably haven't. Banksy is a street artist whom has managed to keep his true identity a secret despite placing his art on buildings and streetscapes across multiple continents. He was the subject of the documentary film “Exit through the Gift-shop,” though he was also the director. The film was nominated for an Academy Award, though no one is sure if it was a real film, or another piece of performance art from Banksy. The gift here, is a trip to Banksy's website visit the shop section and download a piece of art, he gives it away free. Then take it to a local print shop and have a shirt, or a poster made for the pop culture fan you need a gift for.

4. Trivial Pursuit, any edition of this classic game will suffice for the true pop culture junkie. If there is one thing that a pop culture junkie enjoys more than pop culture it's proving to everyone else that they are the most knowledgeable in the room about whatever the topic is.

3. A laptop cooling strip, because after all, how does one become a pop culture junkie? By watching, and reading about it for one, and many do both on their computers these days, so do your favorite pop culture junkie a favor and get them a laptop cooling unit to allow them many extra hours of enjoyment from their laptops.

2.A Netflix subscription, either strictly a streaming video account, or one that allows the person to receive DVD's in the mail as well, you can't go wrong with movies and TV for a pop culture fan. Netflix is currently the company with the largest library of said movies and shows so it's the perfect gift, and good at several price points.

1. A handmade gift from the store RecycledArts. The store is run by the mother of two young girls, ages 14 and 9 that hand make all of their products. The stuff they make are all pop culture related and range from notebooks made with the covers of old books and DVD cases, to envelopes made from old calendar pages with various pop culture references. I've already added the Doctor Who notebook and the Spider-Man envelopes to my own gift list. The best part of this is you are giving back to charity as well, the girl's donate 25 percent of their profits to various charities.


  1. I'd love a copy of Trivial Pursuit, any of them.

  2. I bought the Spider-man envelopes for myself already. I couldn't resist.