Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ATTN: SINGLE MEN - Don't throw away that old fingernail polish!

Disclaimer here, I did not write this, it was sent in an e-mail to me, and the original author did not want to share their own name. It's genius though when you think about it.

You've probably been stuck in the same situation I've sometimes been in...

You meet a girl...you start dating...she starts to stay over...she eventually brings over her toothbrush and nail polish...you break up...she takes her toothbrush with her...but she leaves the nail polish.  What to do with that nail polish...especially if its not your color?!


1.  Put a big red dot on the TOP side of all your power cords...deep fryer, computer power cord, electric razor, beard trimmer, etc.  That way, it'll get attached the right way the very first time...every time.  NOTE:  This idea will NOT work if she used black polish!  Red is best...maybe dark blue or green...depending on where you met her.

2.  Put a red dot on the top of all the power cords where they plug into the wall.  We all know its a real pain trying to plug in a non-grounded cord and trying to get it right the first time.  With the dot, you always know yer gonna get it right the very first time.

3.  Put dots on all your electric razors and on their matching recharging cords. When you go to recharge the razor with 3 dots, for instance, just go find the cord that has 3 dots on it. Slick, huh!

4.  Got a few sweat shirts that are almost the same...but one of them has become your favorite?  And you have a hard time telling it apart from the other ones?  Simply put a red dot on it!  NOTE: Depending on your comfort level with your friends, you can put the dot either on the outside of the sweatshirt or on the inside.


  1. Well, what if she takes the nail polish but leaves the toothbrush, huh? The whole plan falls apart!

  2. and if they all wore clear nail polish? AHA!!!

  3. Then the tip would still work, clear polish would be shiny.