Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Yes I Am Quite Random, Why Do You Ask?: Have I Got A Story To Sell You

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Why Yes I Am Quite Random, Why Do You Ask?: Have I Got A Story To Sell You: Word of warning, this won't really be a fun blog. Nothing really nerdy or geeky to discuss. This will be me getting up on my soapbox and ranting about a recent event down here in Australia. Granted, it's not like I have many readers at this point but if someone should stumble across it somehow, they should have fair warning. This is just my opinion, based on whatever information I've come across on this, and I don't know every little intimate detail.

For any overseas reader, here's the situation: over in Bali, a fourteen year old boy vacationing with his parents was arrested for buying drugs, in an alleged sting operation. He's facing at least 12 years in prison if convicted.
Now, I'm not blogging that he should be released, far from it. I mean, his defense at the time? "He said he [the dealer] needed the money". If I had a poster of someone facepalming right now, that would be the most appropriate response. Then it emerged he had a recurring drug habit before entering Bali. Yeah, now your story looks real credible now, kid.


  1. I don't know, was it wise of me to speak out so soon this early in my blog?

  2. I don't see a problem with it. It's informative and all, plus I agree with the subject matter.