Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Two People Fall in Love

I have always considered marriage as the most interesting event of one's life, the foundation of happiness or misery.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how to start this. It's one of the harder things I've tried to write in recent memory. Generally I try to keep my emotions out my writing, but this time I can't do it.

Yesterday afternoon I got to see one of the greatest sights I ever could have imagined, one of my best friends in all the world found the person that makes him truly happy, and was smart enough to marry her.

I'm not normally one to say things like this, but it was a beautiful ceremony, surpassed only by the bride. Though to be honest I didn't look at Becky all that much during the ceremony, simply because I couldn't help myself from watching Jimmy's face. He was just so happy. I've never seen him smile so big, and I've known him virtually my entire life.

I first met Jimmy not long after moving to Bedford, it wasn't long until he moved away and I was young enough that I didn't really think much of it. However a few years later his family moved back to Bedford, Jim and I reconnected and we've been the best of friends ever since.

First through the wrestling team, of which neither of us was very good at when we started out, and to be perfectly frank, neither of us was that good when we finished either. Jim was the smart one there, getting out when it stopped being fun for him sophomore year.

We were friends outside of just the wrestling room, or school in general though. Against the odds, even back then, we had little in common other than being friends. I honestly think that's what has kept us close over the years.

Jimmy has transcended the friendship barrier, he's become so much more. He's the closest thing I've ever had to a brother, and in actuality he's closer to me than I am with my own sisters. Sure as we've gotten older we don't hang out as often as we once did, and there are times when we go weeks, or even months without so much as talking. And that's OK, he's always there when it matters. Throughout everything, Jim has always been there for me, and I for him.

Even Jim's family has accepted me over the years, and welcomed me into the family. I for one am now glad that Becky has officially joined the family as well. You can tell just by looking at the way they are when they are together, that they were meant for each other.

I was there from the very beginning of this relationship. I can remember sitting in his parent's kitchen as he was showing me her dating profile and encouraging him to go out with her, not that he needed much encouragement there. (You see, he is a very smart man!) I can also remember that at that time I was going through a rough patch in my own dating life, and we were spending a lot of time with each other. I was there the morning after the first date, when the three of us hung out for the first time. We met at Jim's house and attended church together. I guess it was technically their second date.

I could tell from that moment that there was something special between them. Jim and I had several long conversations about it and other things in the weeks and months to come. Of course the frequency of these conversations waned as Jimmy just didn't have the time for me anymore, and I was perfectly fine with that.

When Jim told me that they had broken up I think I was as heartbroken as he was. But I never gave up the inkling that they would be back together, especially seeing the way he was without her. He had lost the sparkle in his eye that she had brought him, the sparkle that he now has and won't ever lose again.

I know that with Becky at his side, Jimmy will be happy no matter what life sends his way. I'm glad that I'll get to be there for the important parts.

Once again, I couldn't be happier for the pair of them. Though I do have one major complaint, Jim and I have never managed to have a girlfriend at the same time, unless marriage changes that, this wedding has sentenced me to a life alone. I'm sure that's not gonna happen though, I have a few secrets of my own that so far only Jimmy knows that will put an end to all of that.


  1. DAVID!!!!!! You made me cry!!!! This is so sweet!!! I am so glad that you have been a part of our relationship- I remember our "second date" as well- like it was yesterday! Hard to believe it was over 4 years ago that it happened! And- no- you will not be single forever!!!! You will find the right girl in God's good time. :)

  2. Great blog, man. And when you're blogging about weddings, it's probably not a good idea to remove emotions anyway, lest you look like a robot, so emote away.

  3. Very Nice David !
    And EXTREMELY Well Written...

  4. Thanks uncle Joe. I'm glad you enjoyed it.